About Us

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Our Product

Tous Naturels products are quick sale items, with a strong following. The perfect addition for your retail business. Painless ordering, low minimum, good margins, repeat sales…What’s not to love!

Our sanitizer is independently lab tested, so we measure up, side-by-side with the bigger brands you already know; but unlike them – we’re local. We use sugarcane as our main ingredient (in the form of Organic Certified Sugarcane Alcohol) except our hand sanitizer won’t leave your skin all dried out and in terrible condition. We then add vegetable glycerin, whole aloe leaf juice and a few more skin nourishing ingredients to our formula that’s guaranteed to make your hands noticeably softer from your very first use. Available in a convenient 1 oz (TSA Approved) travel bottle, generous 8 oz standard bottle for personal use, our huge 32 oz bottle for your busy office or any high traffic area and full gallon size!

All our products are all-natural, sustainably sourced, and have a high certified organic content. We offer stellar customer service and an extremely fast turnaround on all orders.

Ordering Minimums

Hand Sanitizer – Scented or Unscented: 1 Case (50 – 8oz. bottles) or (200 – 1oz. travel tubes) or (24 – 32oz. bottles)

Multi-Use Miracle Cream – Unscented: 1 Case (24 – 2oz. jars)